Get to know us

I’m Nicole, the adventure loving, outgoing introvert. I live in Omaha with my husband, Sean, our three kiddos, Cy, Jude, & Evie, and our fluff ball cat, Maxwell.

About Nicole
I am crazy about binge watching Netflix (The Office is the best show ever!), eating delicious food of all sorts (give me all the sushi!), and going on crazy adventures (So far my favorite is a toss up between Cameroon, Africa and Glacier National Park). I think I’m hilarious and laugh at all of my own jokes.  I’m a bit of a sap and I cry at nearly every wedding.

About Sean
Sean also loves binge watching Netflix, going on crazy adventures, and eating delicious food. Along with eating delicious food, he loves cooking delicious food (This is where it’s at, ladies!). One of his dreams is being a contestant on Master Chef. Sean doesn’t quite think I’m as funny as I think I am, though he laughs with me (okay, at me) often. He is the sweetest guy I know, and he still dances with me in the kitchen. We’ve been married since 2002 and are crazy, head over heels, butterflies in the tummy in love with each other!

What makes us different

By now you have probably searched through tons of other photographers and everyone is running together into a big blur. We want to stand out! Sean and I believe in treating our clients like old friends. We will laugh with you, cry with you, and create beautiful, timeless photographs that capture the personality of who you are as a couple. We will direct you into natural (un)poses as well as document candid moments. It’s not about capturing the perfect pose, it’s about capturing the perfect moment. It’s about capturing you, as a couple, your personalities, and your love. It is our goal that when you have grown old together, after memories fade, you will be able to look at your photos and remember those feelings and moments from the beginning of your story.