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about nicole corrine

I’m Nicole, the creative behind Nicole Corrine and an internationally published wedding photographer, and next to me is my adorable second shooter, Sean. We are wedding and engagement photographers based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Together, we travel across the Midwest (and beyond) curating love stories and documenting beauty. 

meet nicole

Omaha, Nebraska wedding & engagement photographer for the hopeless romantic and adventurous soul

make your day unforgettable

Hey There!

I’m Nicole, an adventure loving, beauty seeking, outgoing introvert (yes, that’s a thing). I am crazy about binge watching Netflix, eating delicious food of all sorts, and going on crazy adventures. I think I’m hilarious and laugh at all of my own jokes. I’m a bit of a sap and I cry at nearly every wedding. I absolutely love creating gorgeous photographs. I love the nostalgic feeling that photos give the viewer. I am so happy that I get to pursue my dream and create gorgeous art for my couples. 

meet sean

make your day unforgettable

Meet Sean

Sean also loves binge watching Netflix, going on crazy adventures, and eating delicious food. In addition to eating delicious food, he also loves cooking delicious food (This is where it’s at, ladies!). One of his dreams is to be a contestant on Master Chef. Sean doesn’t quite think I’m as funny as I think I am, though he laughs with me (okay, at me) often. He is the sweetest guy I know; he still dances with me in the kitchen. We’ve been married since 2002 and are crazy, head over heels, butterflies in the tummy in love with each other!

Why us

make your day unforgettable

Why Choose us

So why should you choose Nicole Corrine? Because we are among the best at what we do! 

It’s not about capturing the perfect pose, it’s about capturing the perfect moment. It’s about capturing you as a couple, your personalities, and your love. It is our goal that when you have spent a lifetime together, after memories fade, you will be able to look at your photos and remember those feelings and moments from the beginning of your story. 

Sean and I believe in treating our clients like old friends. We will laugh with you, cry with you, and create beautiful, timeless photographs that capture the personality of who you are as a couple. We will prompt you into natural (un)poses as well as document candid moments. 

We will help you feel comfortable in front of the cameras, and hopefully, before long you'll forget they're even there. We will strive to make sure that you have fun with your SO and that our session will build fun, and lasting memories.


Come grow old along with me
the best is yet to be

You are madly in love and believe in building a strong marriage. Your marriage is more important than the perfect wedding. You're willing to put aside some time on your day for just the two of you to create some fun memories and gorgeous art to display for years to come. Your photos are a top priority for your wedding day. 


You are a kind soul who doesn't allow the stress of the day to get you down. You believe in being kind to others always. You are a glass half full kind of gal or guy. You love to have fun!


You don't mind getting your dress or tux a little dirty. You are an adventurous soul. You want authentic photos and not re-created Pinterest photos. You care deeply about your images and want them to show the essence of your relationship and capture your true personalities more than the perfect pose. You are willing to get a little silly and intimate with your significant other in order to create your photos.


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