You’ve got questions, We’ve got answers

Where are you located and do you travel?
I am currently located in Omaha, Nebraska. I thrive on adventure and love to travel. Travel fees may apply. When you inquire, please let me know where your wedding will take place so that I can provide you an accurate quote for travel, should that apply.  

How long have you been a photographer?
I first picked up a camera and really started learning about it in 2005 after my first child was born, though I never dreamed it would lead to a career. After moving to Iowa in 2010, I started taking on a few photo shoots here and there. I officially started my business in early 2015, after taking some time to build my portfolio. 

How many weddings do you take on in a year?
My weddings max out at 12 a year. I want your wedding photography experience to be amazing and I want to be able to focus on each client individually.  There is a lot that goes into wedding photography behind the scenes, and when it comes to my service, I prefer quality over quantity.

Are you insured?
Yes! Insurance is extremely important as a business. If your venue requires insurance, please let me know and I will be happy to give them a certificate.

How much should I plan to invest?
You can read about the investment here.  Please send me a note here for an investment menu. There is no obligation to book with me and I will not hassle you with emails. You can expect to receive two emails from me; one with information and my investment menu, and one follow up email. 

Do you have backup equipment?
Most definitely! I have plenty of backup gear, so you don't have to worry!

What do I need to do in order to reserve my date?
In order to reserve Nicole Corrine for your wedding date, You will need to sign an agreement and pay a 40% non-refundable reservation fee. The reservation fee ensures that you have our undivided attention on your wedding day; all other business will be turned away for your specific date. The reservation fee will be applied to the final package investment. The remaining 60% is due 30 days prior to your wedding. 

What is your style?
My shooting style could be described as authentic, romantic, emotional, playful, and as unposed as possible. As for my editing style, I usually let the day/venue decide. Some venues and weddings lean more towards a light and airy edit, while others lean towards a more moody style. I try to keep my edits clean and timeless, and I always keep each gallery cohesive throughout the day. Please specify which editing style you prefer (light and airy or dark and moody), as that will change the way I set up shots during your wedding.

Will I receive my photos with printing rights in my wedding package?
Absolutely! I believe every wedding client deserves their wedding photos with printing rights. I also offer competitively priced professional and archival prints for you to be able to enjoy the highest quality heirlooms. 

How many images will come with my wedding package?
You will receive a minimum average of 50 images per active hour of photographing. In general, a 10 hour wedding gallery will contain, at minimum, 500 edited photos, broken down into categories for easier viewing. 

How long will it take to receive my photos?
You will receive your photos within 4 weeks after your wedding. You will receive a sneak peek within 1 week.

Do you offer albums?
I sure do! I am more than happy to create a gorgeous heirloom album for you! I offer an album in my biggest wedding package. You can also purchase an album as an add on to your smaller collection. 

Can I view a full wedding gallery before I book?
Yes, for sure! I have a couple of links that I can send you so that you can view 1-2 entire wedding galleries. You can also view partial wedding galleries from some of my weddings on my blog

Do your wedding collections include a second photographer?
Yes, my husband, Sean, is almost always my second photographer. On rare occasions, should he not be available, I hire other professional photographers that I trust to fill in for him. You can opt out of this option, but I highly recommend two photographers to ensure no special moments are missed due to equipment malfunction.

Do you work well with other vendors?  
I do! I have some that I highly recommend on my preferred vendors page.

Do you help with timeline planning?
Absolutely! As your wedding date gets closer, I will contact you to get some details so that I can write out a tentative timeline of events for you to approve. This way we can ensure that we get all of the photos we need to tell your story, as well as help the day go smoothly. 

Do you offer discounts?
I offer a 10% discount to active service members.  I also offer payment plans to all of my clients. 

I don't see a collection on your investment menu that meets my specific needs. Will you work with me to create a custom package?
Of course! All you have to do is ask!

Will you re-create my favorite poses from Pinterest for me?
In short, yes, but I would recommend against it. I prefer to shoot in the moment, so that I am able to truly capture your relationship in the raw. If there is a "must have" pose that you saw on Pinterest, then I will look for an opportunity to include something similar, but I ask that you keep those to a minimum. I want your photos to be true to your day and true to your relationship. I love authenticity! When viewing a photo on Pinterest, you never know what was happening in that moment between those people, and while you can try to recreate that pose, most of the time it won't be anywhere near as good as the original. Let's create your very own original Pinterest worthy photos!

I love what I see; how soon should I book?
I suggest reserving your wedding date sooner rather than later to ensure availability. Send me a note here, and let's connect!