About Nicole: 



My goal as a photographer: 

Photography has become a passion for me over the last several years. I have always loved looking through old photo albums. There is something magical that comes from reliving history through images. It is my goal to capture raw emotion and beautiful moments that someone will look back on 50 years from now and feel as though they were there in that moment; photos that will be a legacy left behind for future generations to enjoy. It is my passion to create beautiful, emotive, and captivating images.  I do my best to ensure that each client receives the best service possible. It is my desire to create an exclusive experience for each of my clients. 

About me:

In addition to being a photographer, I am a home school mom of three wonderful children and wife to my amazing husband. I'm a little goofy, introverted, and when called for, opinionated (and yes, those crazy curls are natural). I love all things girly and romantic, but I'm also a bit of a tomboy. I grew up in the mountains of Virginia on a farm, getting dirty and keeping up with my older brother.  My parents are "retired" hippies and taught me lots about the outdoors. My favorite thing in the world is exploring nature. There is nothing like hiking a mountain, gazing at the stars, picking wildflowers, or simply going on an adventure. This planet we live on creates such a sense of wonder. I am lucky that my kids and husband also love nature. As a family, there is nothing better than going on a camping trip. I sometimes feel more at home in a tent than I do in my actual home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I met my husband in Florida at college and we married when we were just 19 and 21. In the past 13 years we have moved 9 times and lived in 6 states. We get bored and yearn for a new adventure every few years or so. Almost five years ago (The longest we have lived anywhere since we married.) we moved back to my husband's hometown in Iowa. Brrrrrrrrr! Yup, that's pretty much all I that can say about that. Ok, I can also say that I love our friends and family here (though I miss my family). I don't know when/where our next adventure will take us, but any adventure with my best friend is sure to be amazing!

The handsome guy in the photos with me is my husband (and second shooter), Sean.  He is my favorite person in the entire world and I couldn't do what I do without him by my side! 


The above image was taken by my son. :)